In Buenos Aires, just like many other cities around the world, parks, plazas, and outdoor spaces have been designed with a social function in mind. These spaces are easily accessible and foster social interaction, fitness and sports, and a place to simply appreciate nature. Locals really take advantage of these outdoor Spaces- during spring, summer or really any beautiful day throughout the year,  Buenos Aires parks get packed with gente.

Palermo has one of the largest public park collections in Latin America. Being the largest neighborhood in the city, 40% of its surface is filled with parks of some kind.

The most popular is “3 de Febrero Park” or commonly known as “Los Lagos de Palermo” or “Palermo Lakes”, where people run, skate, ride bikes or just chill, drinking mate under the sun.

Buenos Aires Rosedal Park

The Buenos Aires Rosedal and access bridge (Photo taken from

The Palermo Lakes area hosts several sports clubs, two main lakes, running/biking circuits, the planetarium, the Buenos Aires rose garden and the Japanese Garden. But also, just a couple blocks away from there, you can find the Buenos Aires Zoo and the Botanical Garden as well.

Just at a 20 minutes walk from there, heading south on Libertador Ave, you come across Recoleta’s green spot. Home to the National Library, the National Art Museum, the University of Buenos Aires Law School and the Recoleta Cemetery, this other collection of Buenos Aires parks is also visited by thousands during weekends and nice weather days. Whether you go shopping for designer furniture at the mall, have lunch on the terrace of “Buenos Aires Design” or browse the many stands at the “Plaza Francia” fair, there is no doubt you will meet people from all over the world hanging out on the grass areas as this is one of the most popular spots between foreigners.

Recoleta Plaza Francia Park Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Design and Recoleta parks (Photo taken from

Just a few minutes north of the city, you will find another Buenos Aires park, “Vial Costero”, located in Vicente López district (or provincia). It’s a 15 blocks avenue originally built to improve the vehicle traffic accessing the city from the north, but as part of the construction, all the parks surrounding it were renovated. During the weekends, the street is off limits for motor vehicles, enabling the practice of sports such as running, biking, and roller skating. It’s very popular during summer due to its proximity to the river.

Vicente Lopez Vial Costero Buenos Aires

The Vial Costero at Vicente Lopez (Photo taken from

Just next to the Vial Costero, inside the city limits, you’ll find “Parque de los Niños”, which during summer, becomes the closest thing to a beach that Buenos Aires has to offer. The city government provides sand solariums, two beach volleyball courts, a beach soccer field, a spinning area, cooling areas and several water activities for kids. Everything just in front of the river, providing a complete beach-like experience. Aside for the summer, this Buenos Aires park is great at any time of the year!

Buenos Aires Beach Park

Buenos Aires Playa at Parque de los Niños (Photo taken from

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