On February 9th the roadies went for a bike ride in the ecological reserve. We met as a group at the bike rental place in San Telmo and everyone was excited about the bright orange bikes that we rented, which also boasted gigantic orange baskets. After we made a quick stop to get some hot water for our mate we made for the reserve, which is located along side the Río de la Plata. Porteños stared in awe as our endless orange line of bikes tore through the streets of Buenos Aires. We made it to the reserve in one peace after navigating through the traffic-filled streets. As we rode around as a group on the gravel paths that weave through the reserve, many expressed their astonishment that such a place with such variety of plant and animal life existed so close to Buenos Aires. At one point we stopped for a quick photo opp with the cities skyline as the backdrop.

After biking for a bit, we all stopped at one of the “beaches” of the reserve. We sat down in a circle, enjoyed some mate, and took in the view of the river. After finishing the mate and a bit of soccer we mounted our orange steeds once again to see some more of the reserve before heading back to San Telmo to return the bikes. In the end we made it back without any accidents (though I came really close to running into our tour guide Luz on my bike). The weather cooperated and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.