This past Saturday, six of us got together at “La Bicicleta Naranja” in San Telmo to ride bikes through the Reserva Ecologia near Puerto Madero. Unfortunately once we arrived we were informed it was closed due to a chance of rain. That didn’t stop us from biking around more! We rode around Puerto Madero and Luz (our activity director) gave us lots of great info on the older parts versus the newer parts and the history of the port. We then rode back to return the bikes after about an hour or so, and headed by foot into the depths of historical San Telmo and its narrow cobblestone streets. Almost every window we pasted was filled with antiques and a wide variety of collectibles that help give this neighborhood such charm. We ventured into the San Telmo market and were overwhelmed with all the little knick knacks as well as an amazing looking fruit and vegetable section in the back. By this time we were all ready for a snack so we headed around the corner to the famous “El Federal” cafe. Luz suggested a typical Buenos Aires “merienda” of coffee and tostadas (toast). Most of us ordered homemade bread or pan casero, accompanied by a cafe con leche. Luck would have it that seated at the table next to ours was the famous Argentinean artist Marta Minujin. Luz informed us after she had already left, but we still “oooed” and “awwed” at how neat that was. We left the old cafe ready for naps after a great Saturday afternoon in Puerto Madero and San Telmo.