Recoleta is one of the most beautiful and centrally located neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, here’s 10 things you can to do just minutes from your Buenos Aires home!


1. Go for a run in the parks


In just fifteen minutes (or less if you run!) you can walk to a popular group of parks right next to the museum of fine arts where you can find tons of people exercising at any point during the day. It really gets going in the evenings, when the cool air and active atmosphere draw tons of individuals and groups together for a late night workout.




2. Palais de Glace


Like much of the architecture in Buenos Aires, Palais de Glace was modelled after a french building and was once a skating rink and social club. Now it is a museum showcasing music performances and art collections, such as the exhibition of world and national photojournalism on display now. Even better, entry is free!





3. Millon

Millon is a stylish bar and restaurant housed in a beautifully restored French mansion and located right off the main avenue Santa Fe. A hot spot for Argentineans and foreigners alike, it provides a great atmosphere to start your night or take a break from the Palermo bar scene.




4. Recoleta Cemetery


The Recoleta cemetery is a must-see for anyone travelling to Buenos Aires, and lucky for Roadies, it’s a neighbour! Considered one of the three most important cemeteries in the world, it’s beautiful walkways and free entrance offers the opportunity for repeat visits. And don’t forget to show up for the free guided visit!






5. Recoleta Cultural Centre


The Centro Cultural Recoleta, located right next door to the cemetery, is another friendly neighbour offering courses, art exhibitions, music performances and more. Almost always free, it’s definitely worth it to stay up to date with their latest events and offerings. If you’re looking for things to do in Buenos Aires try “liking” the Centro Cultural Recoleta, along with the other sites of interest on Facebook and twitter and you’ll see the regular updates of events that they have to offer.


6. Casabar

Another French-style mansion turned bar, Casabar offers foreigners a less traditional experience, serving hot wings and other North American fare and featuring flat screen TVs playing American and international sports. With a good mix of foreigners and locals, the bar has a spirit that someone from anywhere can appreciate.


7. Museum of Fine Arts


If you can’t get enough of seeing beautiful things for free, you can also check out the Museo Nacional de Belles Artes. Constantly welcoming new exhibitions and with free guided tours, it definitely makes a great way to spend a rainy Sunday.


8. Recoleta Weekend Fair

Every Saturday and Sunday, Recoleta hosts its own artisan fair right in front of the cultural center, rivaling the famous San Telmo market. Featuring tons of art and handmade crafts, plus some delicious snacks, it’s a great place to wander around or shop for unique souvenirs to take home to your family and friends.


9. Notorious

Although at first glance Notorious appears to be a plain old music store, in the back you can find a trendy restaurant and bar with phenomenal jazz performances almost every night of the week. Depending on the night, you may want to consider making a reservation if you’re planning in advance!


10. Ice Cream at Rapa Nui

With a rich, dense texture in a variety of flavors, the Argentine Ice cream at Rapa Nui is like nothing you’ve tried before.



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