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Flexible, Tailor-Made Experiences

<< Create your individualised experience >>

With Road2Argentina you can flexibly choose your preferred start date, length of stay as well as housing option.

Great Variety of Programs

<< Choose the program and organisation that fits you >>

At Road2Argentina you choose from a variety of programs and find internship as well as volunteering opportunities in various industries and fields.

Easy and Fast Application Process

<< Apply and fix your program in 4 easy steps >>

After (1) filling out a short application form, our team will (2) talk about your desired experience in a personal call. Once you (3) paid the registration fee and (4) sent us all required documents, we can make this experience happen.

Local Community in Buenos Aires

<< Be part of our local community >>

In Buenos Aires you will have the chance to meet all other roadies who use our services. Additionally to your program, we also organise weekly cultural activities for the whole group.

Read Reviews of our Roadies

  • Jared Hodgson
    Jared HodgsonEntrepreneurship Internship

    “I really enjoyed my placement and it has helped me to think about what I want to do in the future. I was really able to help and make a difference where possible. It was also a great group of people. I learned a ton about Argentine culture my supervisors helped me with my Spanish. It really was an amazing experience and was really glad I did it.”

    • Alayna Nieters
      Alayna NietersSustainability & Women's Empowerment Volunteer

      “I chose Road2Argentina because it was an accessible company which worked to meet my requirements for a volunteering placement. Although I had a very specialized request, they placed me with two organizations which exceeded my expectations. Everyone I met through Road2Argentina was willing to answer my questions and made me feel welcome the duration of my stay in Buenos Aires!”


      • Elisa Clementz
        Elisa ClementzAnimal Conservation Volunteering

        “Road2Argentina is really great and helpful for people who want to gain work experience outside their home country while getting to know people from all over the world. Whether you like to travel alone or with a group Road2Argentina lets you have the choice to be completely supported by the agency or move around independently during your stay.”

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