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Flexible, Tailor-Made Experiences

<< Create your individualised experience >>

With Road2Argentina you can flexibly choose your preferred start date, length of stay as well as housing option.

Great Variety of Programs

<< Choose the program and organisation that fits you >>

At Road2Argentina you choose from a variety of programs and find internship as well as volunteering opportunities in various industries and fields.

Easy and Fast Application Process

<< Apply and fix your program in 4 easy steps >>

After (1) filling out a short application form, our team will (2) talk about your desired experience in a personal call. Once you (3) paid the registration fee and (4) sent us all required documents, we can make this experience happen.

Local Community in Buenos Aires

<< Be part of our local community >>

In Buenos Aires you will have the chance to meet all other roadies who use our services. Additionally to your program, we also organise weekly cultural activities for the whole group.

Read Reviews of our Roadies

  • Annabelle James
    Annabelle JamesVolunteering with Children

    “I volunteered at an organization that works with youth living in socially marginalized and extremely impoverished areas of Argentina. This experience was one I will never forget! One of my biggest accomplishments during my time in Buenos Aires was seeing my communication skills improve drastically throughout my program. I went from knowing very basic Spanish to conversing more fluidly by the end. Road2Argentina helped me with everything I needed to know about the city, planned awesome activities, and made sure I got the most out of my time in Buenos Aires!”

    • Isabela Castro
      Isabela CastroBusiness Internship

      “My experience here was terrific. I got the opportunity to live with an Argentine and got to know the culture really well. To me, it’s always fun to know and understand different cultures so you can understand more and more about their whole concept. I also really enjoyed working in a Argentine company. It’s very interesting to see how people work and interact differently in other countries. On top of all of this, the city is just amazing. You can take the bus or the subway anywhere in the city and you get to explore it a lot. I also enjoyed the “Mate y Medialunas” every Friday as it is just the perfect way to finish off a week and start the weekend!”

      • Alec Stein
        Alec SteinMedical Internship

        “During my stay in Buenos Aires I did an internship in a hospital. I got to see a variety of different things and learned a lot during my work. The doctors were phenomenal and were always willing to answer any questions I had. They were very interested to make my experience a good one.
        The organisation of my stay worked perfectly and the Road2Argentina team made sure I had everything I needed during my stay and provided me with a local community to be a part of in BA which I really liked!”

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