Wildlife Conservation

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The Wildlife Conservation Program

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The Wildlife Conservation Program by Road2Argentina is geared towards people who like to get their hands dirty and have a devoted passion for animals and wildlife conservation. Working together with biologists and park rangers, this experience will change the way you see nature and species conservation.

Set in Buenos Aires and in Atlantic Patagonia, the Wildlife Conservation Program is one of the most unique volunteering experiences Argentina has to offer, working with the endangered Andean Condor. It has been prepared together with a Wildlife Conservation NGO, which makes it an exclusive placement that is otherwise unavailable to people outside of Argentina.


In Buenos Aires, volunteers will help assist in the recovery of wounded Andean Condors who have been rescued by this organization in order to release them back into the wild. You will be responsible for their everyday recuperation and care, working with wildlife conservation specialists and other volunteers to ensure the Andean Condors are prepared to return to their natural habitat.

If you choose the Patagonia experience, you will be immersed in the natural surroundings of the Andean Condor, where you will be roughing it in the wilderness with basic accommodations (cabins) so as not to disrupt their habitat. Located not far from a small Argentine village, you will be tracking the recently-released condors and ensuring their proper integration into the wild together with park rangers and other volunteers.

Participants can choose to join both projects to get the full wildlife conservation experience or just one location if you have more specific interests. One thing is for sure, your time working in wildlife conservation while practicing your Spanish will definitely help you improve your language and communication skills while you have the life-changing experience you are looking for!


For a special experience, sign up for our October 13th start date to witness the release ceremony as the Andean Condors are returned to their habitat. Hurry, spaces are limited!


You must be of at least 18 yeas of age. Spanish level may be a requirement depending on your specific program. There is limited capacity, so contact us as soon as possible to save your spot!

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