Medical and HealthCare Internship

Due to the high demand of patients needing to be treated in public hospitals, the importance of participating in Road2Argentina’s Medical and Healthcare Internship in Buenos Aires has never been greater! Your skills will be revealed and your limits expanded as you experience the public healthcare system first-hand in Argentina.

Take this opportunity to use what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it in the real world. You will revel in the challenge of speaking Spanish in your daily life and learn what it’s like to make the rounds in hospital with our caring doctors. Interning in a second language is not only extremely valuable career experience but also a great way to make the most of your experience abroad.


While taking part in a Medicine and Healthcare internship in Buenos Aires you will shadow doctors and help take care of their patients. Given your skills and studies, you may rotate through different parts of the hospital or be placed in a specific clinic, but nonetheless have an experience that will expand your views on public health services.


You must be of at least 18 yeas of age and be studying medicine, healthcare, or another related field. Having at least an intermediate level of Spanish is required for this placement, so if you need to brush up on your skills, plan to come to Argentina a few weeks early to take some Spanish classes. Contact us via the form below to start the process to see if you qualify, and make a life-changing dream a reality!

  • Alie Kodadadie
    Alie Kodadadie

    “It was a really cool experience, I got to observe alot of doctors in different clinics. I had alot of interaction with the patients, so I got to improve my spanish speaking and listening skills; just like form relationships with the medical staff there.”

    • Alec Stein
      Alec SteinMedical Internship

      “During my stay in Buenos Aires I did an internship in a hospital. I got to see a variety of different things and learned a lot during my work. The doctors were phenomenal and were always willing to answer any questions I had. They were very interested to make my experience a good one.
      The organisation of my stay worked perfectly and the Road2Argentina team made sure I had everything I needed during my stay and provided me with a local community to be a part of in BA which I really liked!”


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