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Advertising agencies of all shapes and sizes in Buenos Aires that provide you as an intern with the opportunity to gain insight into what makes this dynamic Latin American market tick. You will learn what it takes to make a brand stand out in this bustling metropolitan center that is home to nearly 14 million people and also have the opportunity to share your own, fresh perspective through the tasks you are assigned. Doing an advertising internship in a market as competitive and international as that found in Buenos Aires will surely prepare you for success in your future advertising endeavours.

Arts and Entertainment

The vibrant arts and culture scene found in the streets of Buenos Aires is a big part of what makes this city such a unique and fascinating place. From the theaters that bring life to Avenida Corrientes at night to the off-the-beaten-path venues that are home to the independent arts scene to the numerous film and music festivals that attract both local and international artists, there is always plenty to see and do in Buenos Aires. As an intern, you will gain an insider’s perspective into this thriving industry and learn what makes it tick. Positions are available with news and entertainment publications, not- for- profit theater venues, the avant- garde art scene, and other creative settings that provide coverage of the latest happenings in the city.


As of one of the major commercial and industrial hubs in Latin America and the world, Buenos Aires is the ideal location for those seeking an international business internship in the Spanish-speaking world. Placements are available in a variety of sectors including international finance, international trade and commerce, international exporting, small business and entrepreneurship, technology, professional consulting and more. Tasks assigned to interns may include conducting market research, assisting with business development, writing and analyzing market reports, creating presentations, researching strategic expansion opportunities and managing client relationships.

Education and Teaching

English is the second most widely spoken language in Argentina behind its native Spanish, or castellano, as the locals call it. This is reflected in the large number of bilingual schools found within the city of Buenos Aires and across the country. Participating as an English Teaching Assistant at a local school gives you the opportunity to gain teaching experience in a formal educational setting while providing the students with valuable exposure to the language and culture of the English-speaking world. We highly recommend this internship to future teachers and anyone with a passion for education and cultural exchange.

Placements are available at bilingual primary and secondary schools in the city of Buenos Aires between mid-March and early December of each year, in accordance with the local academic year.


Both local and international entrepreneurs have settled in Buenos Aires in recent years and formed part of the booming start-up community that is found here. Companies range from social networking platforms to technology companies and more. Interning in an entrepreneurial setting is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the trade and work closely with a team of creative, dedicated and motivated individuals. As an intern at a start-up, you’ll not only be an essential part of a close-knit team, but your efforts will be key to the success of the experimental endeavour.

Environment and Wildlife Sustainability

The importance of caring for the environment and its beings (both human and animal) has never been so important here in Buenos Aires. As residents of one of the largest cities on earth, porteños are realizing more and more the effect that their behavior has on the environment and are taking action to make changes. From living a more sustainable lifestyle to helping with the preservation of endangered species, the growing awareness of sustainability is echoed in the many initiatives that have been proposed and executed in recent years. Doing an internship in this area will provide you with a big picture perspective of the troubling issues our planet is facing today.

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Graphic Design

Considered the “Paris of the South”, this stunning city continues to inspire creative minds even into the technology age. With a knack for the combination of art and innovation, Buenos Aires serves as the perfect location for an internship in graphic design. Whether you’re interested in social media or mobile apps, in a large agency or a small start-up, our many connections allow us  to find something to suit your specific interests.


In a city such as Buenos Aires, constantly buzzing with news in both art and politics, a journalist’s work is never done. As an international metropolis, journalism in Buenos Aires takes place in both English and Spanish so that there’s something for everyone. Depending on your interests, you might do an internship gaining first-hand experience in traditional journalism with an established news publication, or you might produce your own content for an arts publication.


As technology makes the world appear smaller, law, too, is becoming increasingly internationalized, and the ability to work in cross-cultural and multilingual environments is more valued than ever. A law internship in Buenos Aires with an international law firm stationed across Latin America will give you the opportunity to build connections, improve your Spanish skills and develop your expertise in wide range of areas, while getting you ready for your future career in law.


In a city as active and diverse as Buenos Aires, marketing is of huge importance for any company or organization looking to make itself stand out. With an internship in marketing, you’ll have the opportunity to use your skills and develop new techniques to connect with local and international communities. In  our internships, you will work with companies and organizations that are really passionate about what they do, helping with tasks such as promoting social interactions for an NGO, or spreading the word about emerging artists.

Medicine and Health Care

While health care may vary from country to country, the need for it is the same everywhere. Working with medicine on an international level is an important aspect of the learning process, helping to foster language skills and cross-cultural communication; valuable no matter where you plan to practice. A medical internship in Buenos Aires means learning from professionals in a fast-paced hospital or community clinic meant to prepare you for future work as a healthcare provider.


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Buenos Aires is the financial hub of Argentina and home to the country’s stock and commodities trading center. After Argentina’s financial crisis over a decade ago, the sector has achieved relative stability and makes up a significant portion of the country’s economy. A finance internship in Buenos Aires will give you the opportunity to learn first-hand how the industry was able to overcome its past troubles and maintain its status as one of the world’s most important financial centers.

Public Policy

With Argentina’s dark history of forced disappearances in the 1970s, it is unsurprising that a number of groups have sprung up in recent decades to ensure the continuation of a stable and transparent democracy. Politics remain a controversial issue in Buenos Aires, where a knowledgeable and active public always has a response for curious travelers interested to learn about the government. An internship in public policy in Buenos Aires would mean getting to learn first-hand what are the major threats to a modern democracy and what leading organizations are doing to combat them.

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Hovering at the top of the list of most-visited cities in South America, Buenos Aires is a strategic location for an educational challenge in tourism. With a constant stream of travelers flowing into the city to experience first-hand the famous tango shows, elegant architecture and unbeatable cuisine, your internship will keep you busy learning how to better meet client needs with the services offered by local travel and tour companies and improve outreach to the tourist community. In this industry, collaboration between different cultures is the only way to achieve success, so you will be valued as an integral part of an internationally focused team.

Urban Planning

Considering that one-third of the population of Argentina is concentrated in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, urban planning is no small feat. Not only are urban planners faced with the task of arranging 14 million people in a relatively small space, but they must also consider complex political, economic and environmental issues which complicate their mission. Doing an internship in urban planning in Buenos Aires will allow you to be an integral part of the forward-thinking and socially conscious planning solutions being developed and implemented at this point in time

Web Design and Development

The creativity of design and the complex language of web development is a natural combination here in Buenos Aires. Bringing together the understanding of art, technology and social media marketing, your own talents will find new challenges in multi-faceted agencies catering to some of Argentina’s biggest brands. The skills and experience that you gain doing a web design or development internship in Buenos Aires will undoubtedly prepare you for the challenges that you’ll face in the global marketplace that dominates today’s modern technological age.

Nonprofits and NGOs

Once considered the eighth richest country in the world, Argentina today has a fair share of poverty, as well as its fair share of nonprofits and NGOs working to give aid and assistance to the poor. Our interns work with these non-profits in various capacities; you may find you’re most able to contribute in outreach or publicity, or perhaps you are best suited to work within the communities. Whatever your strengths, you will find them put to good use in helping to change the lives of the less fortunate citizens living in Buenos Aires.

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  • Juliana Beegan
    Juliana BeeganVolunteer English Teaching

    I honestly loved every part of my experience! Some parts were frustrating or overwhelming or uncomfortable, but I think I grew and learned more from those times than the times that were easy breezy! I would definitely recommend Road2Argentina to anyone wanting to come to Buenos Aires. It was SO helpful to have a support system already in place when I arrived. Without you guys I would have been lost!! So thank you for all that you do and for helping to make my traveling experience a good one. 

    • Elisa Clementz
      Elisa ClementzAnimal Conservation Volunteering

      “Road2Argentina is really great and helpful for people who want to gain work experience outside their home country while getting to know people from all over the world. Whether you like to travel alone or with a group Road2Argentina lets you have the choice to be completely supported by the agency or move around independently during your stay.”

      • Alec Stein
        Alec SteinMedical Internship

        “During my stay in Buenos Aires I did an internship in a hospital. I got to see a variety of different things and learned a lot during my work. The doctors were phenomenal and were always willing to answer any questions I had. They were very interested to make my experience a good one.
        The organisation of my stay worked perfectly and the Road2Argentina team made sure I had everything I needed during my stay and provided me with a local community to be a part of in BA which I really liked!”

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