Argentina has one of the most diverse geographies and captivating variety of landscapes in the world – from jungles to vast plains, from the high Andes peaks in the country’s West to the southern deserts of Patagonia. However, in line with other developing nations, Argentina faces many challenges regarding environmental sustainability, including poor water and air quality, deforestation, and soil degradation. Many agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, work tirelessly producing research and developing public policy to counteract these deprivations. Meet, work with, and see first-hand in action the experts on the frontlines of these endeavors to preserve and cultivate.



Enjoy a breakfast or dinner experience with an expert in the field. Conversations are designed to provoke dialogue and hear firsthand the drive these important Argentine figures have, the professional work experience and personal journey they are on, and the advice they have to offer to students and young professionals pursuing similar career paths. This is the real deal: an authentic, intimate opportunity in an “out of office” setting to speak face-to-face with leaders in the industry, making your program experience more than just a language learning course.

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement approach allows our global education participants to combine both their academic and professional learnings with hands-on, practical work in the field. Participants will generate ideas on how to help, put together the process, perform the tasks involved and then reflect back on the work accomplished in Argentina. The objective of Community Engagement in a Road2Argentina program is key to assuring the service and engagement provided is meaningful and meets the needs of those within the Argentine community. Participating in Community Engagement immerses you in the community more than just a travel to South America would. These professional projects provide our international associates with a deeper understanding of their educational learnings, enhances their sense of civic responsibility, and hones in on their insights into themselves and their place as a global citizen in the community.


Learning Spanish as a second language gives the international program student the ability to venture inside the mind and context of argentine culture and and connect with the people around them. Our Spanish language component allows the participant to do just that. The Spanish classes in Buenos Aires are taught at one of the most highly accredited Spanish schools in Latin America! The Spanish school’s formula achieves academic excellence through a combination of great teachers, small classes and a solid academic framework. Spanish classes in Argentina are engaging, interactive and are designed to help participants develop the four key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our high quality teaching methods will help participants learn (or brush up their) Spanish as quickly as possible. Spanish classes are held in the center of Buenos Aires twice a week for four hours per day.


Learn the tricks of the trade and put them to use. The intensive Workshop extension of Road2Argentina is engineered to provide the international participants with the latest instruments and gadgets on the market. As a program participant, you will be attending various workshops in Argentina related to your field throughout the duration of your stay, in order to learn and master the tools and skills you will need in your professional career.


See Buenos Aires through the eyes of your discipline. Our Perspectives module takes our international participants on complete, all-intensive tours and visits of a wide variety of emblematic spots in Buenos Aires within the international student’s real of study. The excursions are designed to be hands-on, educational and engaging in order to provide our participants with and extensive and diverse outlook of what their career area is like in Argentina. Perspectives are scheduled once a week, all over the city.


Listen and learn. Road to Argentina Talks provides our participant with professional speakers, lecturers and coaches who inspire and help them to find guidance and purpose both on their own personal and professional journey. These motivational and business speakers allow our participants to take the lessons from the talk and apply it to their lives in any way they see fit. Not only can they share methods for business success, they can also provide hope and ideas for those just getitng started. The message can be varied and are meant to encourage participants to take their own and actions and find new perspectives.


“It’s all about who you know”. This phrase is ever more true in an increasingly competitive job market. The After Office module is tailored to help you get your name out there. Form connections with important people, businesses, and organizations all across the board. Through our exclusive networking events in Buenos Aires, the associates will build a professional community and establish contacts while getting internationally acknowledged. Whether you’re launching a startup or looking for new opportunities, networking events are a fundamental part of the game. Networking gatherings typically take place after working hours and in a social setting making it for a more relaxed atmosphere.


Throughout the Road2Argentina abroad program, our participants will be working closely with their mentor to complete an article focusing on a topic within their area of study. The article is designed to encompass all aspects of the participants experience in a piece of writing. Upon successfully completing the study program in Argentina, our participants will be able to submit their article to be published in the Road2Argentina journal.


Full Spectrum

Examine your desired discipline with a top-down approach. Gain a well-rounded perspective by engaging yourself in your field comprehensively — from insightful academic discussion to meaningful and concrete volunteer work. Our programs adapt to different learning styles and allow you to utilize your personal strengths.

Cultural Insight

Immerse yourself in another culture and reap the benefits. You will come to understand how culture and context defines decision-making. Expose yourself to a different way of life and gain perspective on your own strengths and weaknesses as you explore what excites, challenges, and even confounds you.


Expand your professional network and learn to communicate in new ways. With Road, you’ll take your first step in creating a multi-dimensional, global network of friends, mentors, and colleagues. You will engage in new experiences that push your limits and allow you to solve problems in novel ways.


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Week 1
Breakfast Spanish Perspective Spanish Breakfast
Orientation Workshop Talks
Conversation After Office
Week 2
Volunteering Spanish Perspective Spanish Breakfast
Volunteering Workshop Talks
Conversation After Office
Week 3
Spanish Perspective Spanish Breakfast Exit Interview
Talks Workshop Paper Due
Conversation End of Course Event


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